Investment Management

We take a research-based approach to investing led by a CFA® credentialed Investment professional; we help people take the emotion out of their investment decisions to grow their wealth.

Investment Management Services

Strategic investment management is a critical piece of helping you reach your goals. At Heritage Wealth Architects, we know the importance of understanding clients’ short and long-term financial goals when crafting an investment portfolio. We always start by analyzing a client’s risk and setting a target risk amount for the portfolio. We must balance the risk to meet goals versus the client’s risk tolerance. We use advanced software to aid in this analysis and simplify discussions. Our clients appreciate the comprehensive approach to their investments, which includes managing outside assets, such as active 401(k)s.

Our goal is to give clients peace of mind that their investment portfolio is handled by a competent team of professionals led by a Chartered Financial Analyst®. Behind the scenes, our team rebalances client portfolios as needed to ensure they remain aligned with the agreed-upon risk target. In addition, we analyze the performance of the funds within your portfolio and work with industry leaders to cumulate comprehensive market research, which we apply to our portfolio strategy. This research-based approach helps clients remove the emotion from their investment decisions.

Customized Portfolio

Clients can expect collaboration and transparency from our team as part of this approach. We work with clients to efficiently diversify concentrated positions over time. We also provide access to institutional- level investments that are not available to retail investors. This includes alternative investments and funds with lower expense ratios. We emphasize well-diversified, low-cost portfolios that leave more money in the portfolio.

In addition, we craft portfolios through an asset allocation approach, which smooths out the inevitable market bumps. Performance reports are regularly accessible, and our frequent meetings clarify what is happening in the broader market and economy. Overall, we aim to maximize return, reduce risk, and provide trusted guidance so clients can spend time and energy on other aspects of life, such as work and family. Entrust us to handle the details.

Sustainable Portfolio Growth

Our team dedicates itself to continuous education and market research, sifting through economic reports, policy changes, and events that may impact your investments.

We understand the life of a business owner is fast-paced, and we aim to be a trusted partner who can help shoulder some of that burden as you grow your

James Knapp

CEO, Heritage Wealth Architects

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